Increasing sales with international Lookalike Audiences and dynamic digital ads


Quality craftsmanship

9FIVE has been crafting luxury eyewear since 2009. The company uses the highest-quality materials, including 24K gold and Italian marble, to produce its line of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. It recently expanded its product line to include watches, apparel and accessories.


Increasing global sales

9FIVE wanted to increase sales and reach new audiences, both locally and abroad.


An always-on strategy

This campaign uses data gathered from the Facebook pixel to create a Custom Audience of people who viewed at least one product on the brand’s website, but have not purchased anything. The team then targets a dynamic ad, which is automatically filled with the image of one of the products each individual person viewed, to this audience.


The company wanted to extend this campaign to people in Australia and Canada, so it created an international Lookalike Audience based on its current customers in both countries. It then segmented this audience based on region, and targeted different dynamic ads to these groups.


The ads featured a lifestyle image from the 9FIVE website, while ad copy changed based on different promotions and locations. For instance, the company targeted dynamic ads to its Canadian international lookalike audience to promote a special 20%-off site-wide sale for the Labour Day holiday.


The 9FIVE team also compared the results from each of its lookalike audiences, and discovered that both segments achieved positive results.



Clear results

9FIVE reached thousands of people in Canada and Australia, thanks to Facebook’s international targeting. The always-on campaign, which began August 2017, also achieved:

  • 3.8X return on ad spend

  • 40% lower cost per acquisition than goal (goal was $50; 9FIVE achieved $20)

  • 2.6X lift in return on ad spend (goal was 2.3X lift)


Facebook is a key driver of 9FIVE’s ecommerce business. We created international lookalike audiences from current customers in both Australia and Canada. By doing so, we were easily able to segment audiences across the 2 regions and get high quality traffic that drove ROI-positive results.

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