The Nordic fashion brand combined data from the Facebook pixel with a variety of ad objectives to create a buzz around its brand and drive online sales, generating $2.8 million in sales in 5 years.


Passion for fashion

Founded in 2011 by designer Pia Erlund, BYPIAS is one of the fastest-growing fashion brands in Finland. Its handmade clothes are inspired by the Nordic nature and have a bohemian edge.


Creating a buzz

BYPIAS wanted to use Facebook’s powerful marketing tools to establish its brand, push for online sales and create both a local and online buzz around the company.


From online to local

BYPIAS ran campaigns with different objectives to raise awareness and drive online sales. By selecting the website conversions objective, BYPIAS automatically tailored its campaign to run ads that would drive traffic to its website and get people to complete purchases of its products.


The brand also ran ads with event response and local awareness objectives. These campaigns work by targeting people who are close to planned events or to business locations. The ads are filled with useful context such as a local map and a “call now” button, helping people to locate or contact a business in just a few easy clicks.


By installing the Facebook pixel on several of its landing pages, BYPIAS was able to target audiences that were most likely to purchase its products, and also retarget people who had visited the BYPIAS website but didn’t make a purchase. This was vital in helping the business push for more sales. The Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that is easily embedded on websites to gather rich audience insights, allowing advertisers to tweak campaigns to reach the right people in the right places.


Delivering millions

By running finely-tuned campaigns with specific objectives, backed up by precise data from the Facebook pixel, BYPIAS dramatically increased its online sales. In addition, 42% of website traffic now arrives via Facebook.

From February 18–March 20, 2017, the campaign achieved the following:

  • 15X return on ad spend from customer acquisition campaign

  • 42% of traffic came from Facebook

  • $2.7 million in online sales came from Facebook (December 2012–March 2017)


Paid Digital Ads have had a huge impact on our growth from day one. We have been utilizing Facebook’s possibilities to create an active community around our fashion brand for people interested in our unique designs. Facebook’s ad solutions have been easy to use and help us reach our target audience.


Pia Erlund

Designer/CEO, BYPIAS




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