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Makers by the millions

Craftsy is an online learning platform and ecommerce shop based in Denver, Colorado. The company offers crafting education, from quilting and knitting to cake decorating, via high-definition, interactive video tutorials and also sells crafting supplies to complement the learning experience.


Inspiring action

Craftsy wanted to retarget people who had interacted with the product pages on its website and, ultimately, encourage them to make a purchase.


Retargeting with relevance

Craftsy wanted to not only increase online sales, but especially boost sales of its private-label products. It partnered with marketing technology company and Facebook Marketing Partner Kenshoo to help it retarget people who had visited its website, showing them relevant products from Craftsy’s private-label line.


The Craftsy team used dynamic ads in the carousel format. This ad format automatically fills the carousel with product images and descriptions from the Craftsy product catalogue, selecting them based on people’s previous actions on the Craftsy website.


Craftsy’s dynamic ads appear with a “Shop Now” call-to-action button that directs people to its online shop. The ad copy also includes customized messaging to promote special offers or new products, such as the River Rock BOM Quilt Kit.


The company targeted these dynamic ads to a Custom Audience from its website, made up of people who had interacted with a product page on the Craftsy site. The team further segmented this audience into smaller groups based on people’s interests, like quilting or knitting, and their purchase frequency, such as “never purchased” or “frequent buyer.”


A unique finish

Craftsy’s ongoing campaign, which began June 27, 2016, is increasing sales of its private-label product line with each website visit. To date, the campaign has seen the following results:

  • 4.3X return on ad spend

  • 33% increase in overall Facebook-driven revenue

  • 50% increase in incremental sales from dynamic ads (as compared to control ads)


Facebook’s robust targeting capabilities allow us to tailor our advertising based on people’s engagement and purchase behavior. Understanding that behavior at a granular level helps us put the most relevant products and offers in front of them. We love the idea of retargeting people with what we want them to see, rather than just the last product they saw.

Carrie Kaufman

Senior Marketing Manager, Craftsy




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