Re-engaging customers and spurring sales with sponsored messages in Messenger


Whiter teeth for brighter smiles

HiSmile makes at-home teeth whitening products. The company aims to empower its customers with the self-confidence that a bright smile can bring. With an easy-to-use system that makes teeth whiter in just 10 minutes, HiSmile’s all-natural product delivers sparkling results.


More smiling customers

With the best results coming from repeated applications of its products, HiSmile wanted to reconnect with existing customers to drive sales. It also wanted a way to keep its young audience engaged and to help increase loyalty, as well as to share special deals around key retail moments.


Bright results from special offers

From September–October 2017, HiSmile used sponsored messages to reconnect with existing customers in a new way. The company sent messages to people who had initiated a conversation with

HiSmile on Messenger, either by requesting copies of previous invoices to be sent through the platform or by speaking to customer service.

HiSmile sent short, sharp messages combined with simple imagery to get customers’ attention fast. By personalizing the message with its customers’ names, HiSmile built a direct connection with its audience. Images of the teeth-whitening kit alongside graphics highlighting the special offers reinforced the deals and the limited time frame they were available.


Alongside information on the timing of the sales, customers received special offer codes to encourage them to click through directly to the HiSmile website to make a purchase. The company followed up those messages with a reminder near the end of the sale, so customers didn’t miss out on the deals.


By timing some of the special offers around important shopping times like the weekend or special events, HiSmile engaged customers at key moments to boost consideration and sales.


Sparkling sales

HiSmile’s Messenger campaign helped re-engage customers, reward loyalty and boost sales. In just 2 months, the campaign successfully achieved:

  • 11X lower cost per purchase compared to other channels

  • 9.92X return on ad spend

  • 21X higher click-through rate compared to other platforms


Although HiSmile is growing fast, we’re still young and are building our audience. Speaking to our customers directly on Messenger, one of the platforms our audience uses the most, is a brilliant way to build a stronger connection. By rewarding loyalty with special offers, we can drive sales and keep more of our customers happy and smiling.

Nik Mirkovic

Founder, HiSmile




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