NEXT Academy

Taking the lead for enrolments


Ambition enabler

NEXT Academy is a coding school based in Kuala Lumpur. It aims to empower budding entrepreneurs, designers and marketers all over Southeast Asia with the right skills, knowledge and network to pursue their ambitions in today’s highly digitalized world.


Connecting with dreamers

NEXT Academy recognises that for Southeast Asia to have a say in tomorrow’s world, it needs to have a large talent pool. In its pursuit to shape the region, the school wanted to connect with individuals aspiring to make a difference.


Getting the lead out

To connect with prospective students and successfully convince them to enrol in courses, NEXT Academy ran a comprehensive lead-generation campaign on Facebook from November 2016 to April 2017.


The coding school used the Facebook pixel to first learn about its website visitors and their habits. It gathered leads and information from people who had registered but did not pay, as well as from those who had paid to enroll. It used this information to inform its ads and targeting, employing more of what worked best with each ad it ran.


NEXT Academy then used Lookalike Audiences to create a new target group with similar people to those who had visited its website and responded well to its ads. It created a lead ad to acquire prospects by giving them a brief introduction to its courses and course highlights. The ads encouraged Interested individuals to click through and provide their contact information in the lead form—which Facebook pre-fills with the details people have provided in their profiles.


The lead ad is integrated into the school’s customer relationship management (CRM) database using a third party automation tool. Once potential students send in their information, the school’s consultants swiftly follow up with detailed information about selected courses to close the sale.


A+ results

NEXT Academy—using Facebook products—didn’t just generate solid leads, but it also efficiently used the leads to grow its school within a lean sales structure. Compared to NEXT Academy’s previous campaigns, lead ads delivered:

  • 35% lower cost per lead

  • 4X return on ad spend

Facebook lead ads were an effective way for us to promote new courses at NEXT Academy without having to invest huge resources in building website assets. I love that the lead ad integrated easily with third party automation tools and provided a seamless way for us to further move our leads into the sales pipeline for follow up.
Ng Khai Yong, Head of Growth, NEXT Academy
Pia Erlund

Designer/CEO, BYPIAS




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